[Freeswitch-users] memory leak

Jason White jason at jasonjgw.net
Thu Aug 27 17:10:50 PDT 2009

Jay Binks <jaybinks at gmail.com> wrote:
> Reason I ask ...   I personally only have a preference for debian,   
> but others may have policy mandated Os's
> For their companies, and it would be great to have some info about this.

The only problem I've had with FreeSWITCH under Debian Squeeze and Sid
involves TLS-related segmentation faults that appear to be related to
something in the version of libssl supplied with Debian. The same problem
can't be reproduced on Fedora, for example, but it does occur under Debian
Lenny as well as Debian Squeeze and Sid (i.e., "testing" and "unstable",

besides this, all of the issues that I have encountered turned out to be
(usually short-lived) bugs in FreeSWITCH or one of the libraries included in
the source tree - they're mostly FreeSWITCH issues.

I should point out that the FreeSWITCH developers are very good at avoiding
the introduction of bugs into their code and that known bugs get fixed. It
appears to be an unchanging fact about programming that with a large and
complex project, even given highly knowledgeable, experienced, committed and
talented developers (as we have with FreeSWITCH), sometimes, bugs do slip

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