[Freeswitch-users] how to avoid many "|" in bridge application?

Carlos S. Antunes csa at nowthor.com
Wed Aug 26 10:48:11 PDT 2009

Anthony Minessale wrote:
> Unfortunately it's still a problem because the core bridge/originate 
> mechanism does not parse XML it's only parses the dial string markup. 

Wouldn't it be possible to "translate" the markup to a dial string prior 
to hitting the core mechanism?

> In the end you must end up with one string of application and one 
> string of data.

How about something like

<action application="bridge"><data> ... </data></action>

being somewhat* equivalent to

<action application="bridge" data=" ... ">?

(* somewhat to be properly define later)

> I am very strict about maintaining scope boundaries between abstract 
> concepts.  I think it's the number 1 breakdown that led to asterisk 
> getting so messed up over the years and I want to avoid that same plague.

I totally agree with you on this.

> I hope you understand and if you want to continue to ponder some more 
> functionality I welcome it.

Don't worry, I rarely stop having ideas. Feel free to shoot them down at 
will! :)


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