[Freeswitch-users] Moved Freeswitch to new subnet.

Michael S Collins msc at freeswitch.org
Wed Aug 26 01:01:34 PDT 2009

> I have looked at that but I am confused on which files need to be  
> edited. Since I have already installed in Wanpipe mode with the  
> Sangoma card I skipped straight to the Wanpipe section. It mentions  
> setting the [span wanpie PRI_1] etc in the openzap.conf then further  
> down it mentions editing the autoload_configs/openzap.conf.xml with  
> a completely different format of config.
> Are these the same file? If not where does the first one mentioned  
> reside?
These are two different files. The openzap.conf file is in the  
freeswitch/conf directory. It is for configuring OZ to talk to the  
Sangoma card. The openzap.conf.xml file is for configuring the actual  
openzap module in FreeSWITCH.

The specs you listed on the T1 you have indicate that it's a PRI.  
However, you need to know which protocol, like NI2 or DMS. Have you  
ever done a PRI turn up? Who is the carrier?

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