[Freeswitch-users] how to avoid many "|" in bridge application?

Mike Tkachuk mike at yes.net.ua
Wed Aug 26 00:51:27 PDT 2009

Hello Max,

 Don't improve that what's working well. ;)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009 8:44:48 AM, you wrote:

>> Continue_on_fail and hangup_after_bridge like tony pointed out are what you
>> want if you don’t want to use the | delimiting ... I use these all the time
>> with gateway counts > 10 just stacking additional actions for each bridge
>> line

MI> Let's imagine that I need to call 1000,1001,1002 via  gw1,gw2,gw3 by
MI> choosing first available. How dialplan would look like?

MI> continue_on_fail=True
MI> hangup_after_bridge=True
MI> bridge gw1/1000
MI> bridge gw1/1001
MI> bridge gw1/1002
MI> bridge gw2/1000
MI> bridge gw2/1001
MI> bridge gw2/1002
MI> bridge gw3/1000
MI> bridge gw3/1001
MI> bridge gw3/1002

MI> Is it easy to understand? From my point of view it's not. Compare to this:
MI> continue_on_fail=True
MI> hangup_after_bridge=True
MI> bridge ${get_avail_gw(gw1,gw2,gw3)}/1000
MI> bridge ${get_avail_gw(gw1,gw2,gw3)}/1001
MI> bridge ${get_avail_gw(gw1,gw2,gw3)}/1002

Mike Tkachuk

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