[Freeswitch-users] zrtp endpoints have different sas through fs 1.0.4

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Sun Aug 23 22:49:03 PDT 2009

On 23 Aug 2009 at 20:22, Harondel J. Sibble wrote:

> Whoah.....
> I get audio now, but it's running really slooooooooooooooowly. I'd say about
> 1/4 to 1/8 normal speech speed

Hmmm, using one of my hardphones, specifically the Integrated Networks IN-

2009-08-23 20:46:07.334596 [NOTICE] switch_channel.c:602 New Channel 
sofia/internal/1004 at [a7c10746-9060-11de-8c5d-d333d780ffc7]
2009-08-23 20:46:07.348834 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:315 Processing 1004-
>5000 in context default
2009-08-23 20:46:07.364484 [NOTICE] mod_dptools.c:649 Channel 
[sofia/internal/1004 at] has been answered
2009-08-23 20:46:08.33173 [WARNING] mod_sofia.c:810 We were told to use ptime 
20 but what they meant to say was 10
This issue has so far been identified to happen on the following broken 
Linksys/Sipura aka Cisco
We will try to fix it but some of the devices on this list are so broken who 
knows what will happen..
2009-08-23 20:47:30.512970 [NOTICE] switch_core_state_machine.c:179 Hangup 
sofia/internal/1004 at [CS_EXECUTE] [NORMAL_CLEARING]
2009-08-23 20:47:30.541157 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1086 Session 20 
(sofia/internal/1004 at Ended
2009-08-23 20:47:30.541157 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1088 Close Channel 
sofia/internal/1004 at [CS_DESTROY]

gets me much better results and no slowdown of audio, although there are some 
drop outs.  Running Ekiga on xp machine with zfone client works okay, but 
being it's an older verison of zfone, I'm guessing it doesn't support the 
enrollment packet from FS as the voice says I have to choose to enroll and 
then says goodbye ;-)

>From looking through the list archives, I am guessing I need to talk to the 
Tivi developers, question is what should I say to them, there's nothing 
really exposed in the client, other than adjusting the codecs, 3 choices
GSM, uLaw and aLaw can be enabled or disabled.

Both phones are running over a wifi link and there is (randomly) a fair bit 
of interference affecting speeds.

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