[Freeswitch-users] Authorizations when using DNS SRV bug?

Raymond Chandler intralanman at freeswitch.org
Thu Aug 20 13:14:36 PDT 2009

> Agreed. That being said, having a way to force Freeswitch to stick  
> to the same IP address in the middle of authorization/authentication  
> wouldn't violate any specs but would certainly make things easier  
> when dealing with not so well implemented round robin scenarios. Do  
> you think a new option could be added to Freeswitch to achieve round  
> robin avoidance in these cases?

patches gladly accepted ;-)

The code that handles the dns srv stuff is apparently buried in the  
nta code of sofia, so it's not as easy as it sounds to "just add an  
option".  I personally don't have the skillz needed to take on such an  
endeavor, but would love to see that as an option.  Callcentric isn't  
the only provider that has equally weighted SRVs and doing checks for  
stale nonces, so i'm sure we'll here more of this issue when we get  
more residential users using more various providers.

Raymond Chandler

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