[Freeswitch-users] Audio only in one direction when calling FS from Skype

Scott Torr scott.torr.fs at letterboxes.org
Sat Aug 15 10:31:32 PDT 2009


I'm very new to Freeswitch and have installed the following in VMware
Server 2.0.1

ubuntu-8.04.3-server-i386.iso (udate/upgrade)
FreeSWITCH Version 1.0.trunk (14492)

Using the FS wiki to install/setup and making small changes to default
XML configs as required.

(phone)--(SIP ATA)--(FS)--(MS-Skype client | Skype 'online number' via

The MS-Skype client is on the same local network as FS.

I can make calls from the phone to the Skype Client and this works OK.
Audio path OK: phone<-->FS<-->Skype

But ,if I call from the MS-Skype client to the phone I hear no audio
from the MS-Skype client.  

Audio path: phone<-->FS-->Skype

Likewise a call from a Skype 'online number' can hear for example the
default 5000 ivr but the DTMF tones from the PSTN phone are not detected
by FS when <action application="start_dtmf" /> is used.

Any suggestions or pointers in the right direction would be much

Most likely I have overlook something very obvious to others.

Thanks in advance,
Scott Torr 

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