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jonathan augenstine jaugenstine at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 12:57:28 PDT 2009

I to would like to put my thanks on the table.  I have been going to
conferences for a very long time and often question the value of taking time
off to attend these venues.  When I was asked to attend by a client I was
very hesitant.  I am very pleased that I decided to attend.
Now the skeptical among you may say that I am only pleased because I won the
MacBook.  I cannot deny there is truth in that statement.  However, on
Thursday morning I was sitting in the conference room waiting for the first
presentation.  I was thinking that it had been a valuable three days.  I had
been able to connect with some clients at the conference, made some new
contacts, met people face to face that I had only met online, listened to
good presentations, learned some valuable new information, and lastly
received some insight from Anthony and Michael Jerris on fixing a bug that
had been plaguing me for sometime.
As I sat pondering, I clicked on the picture of the MacBook and thought the
only way the conference could end better was if I won the MacBook.  Never
did I actually think that would happen and the conference did end better.  I
will be much more motivated to consider attending next year, even knowing
lightening does not strike the same spot twice.

Jonathan Augenstine

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 3:54 PM, David Knell <dave at 3c.co.uk> wrote:

> Just a quick note to say thanks to Cluecon's organisers for putting
> together such a useful, informative and packed three days.  I've come
> away with a head full of ideas, a bunch of new contacts and a collection
> of things to do; I'd thoroughly recommend that anyone interested in IP
> telephony blocks out the first week of August 2010, right now..!
> Cheers --
> Dave
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