[Freeswitch-users] Multiple phones and single extensions

bsnipes bsnipes at snipes.org
Tue Aug 11 09:56:04 PDT 2009

I've tried to do this a couple of ways in the past but can't quite seem to
get it right. The scenario is this:

attorney at extension 326 with 2 phones
secretary at extension 327 with 1 phone and a blf that monitors 326

Initially I was simply adding the attorney's extension to the secretary's
phone as a second registration but the issue comes up that the monitor light
for the 326 line lights up as if the attorney is on the phone and to other
people it shows the attorney's extension in use as if he were on the phone. 
Ok says I... I'll change the dialstring and have it ring both his and her
extension so that if she picks up it will be on her extension and it will
still show her with her blf if he is on his 326 extension. That works but
the blf light stays lit a lot after she picks up on a call destined for his
extension.  I use the following dialstring lines:

<action application="set" data="pcaller_id_name=ATTY:${caller_id_name}"/>
<action application="set"

The phones are SNOM 370s and what  I am not sure of is if the light
constantly blinking is a firmware issue on the phone or a notification issue
from FS. I've noticed that the same constant blinking happens with groups
also. If I monitor a phone that is a member of a group and the group gets
called the light for that monitor key and the message light will blink even
if no one is on the phone. Doesn't happen every time but multiple times a
day it does.

Any suggestions?

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