[Freeswitch-users] Fwd: strange behaviour with scheduled jobs, uuid_transfer hangs up one of the legs if freeswitch is not in the media path, lua freeswitch.Session(uuid) tries to call out if channel references by uuid does not exist any longer

Benedikt Fraunhofer fraunhofer.lists.freeswitch-001 at traced.net
Sat Aug 8 14:21:25 PDT 2009

Hello Mike,

2009/8/8 Michael Jerris <mike at jerris.com>:

> how many does it stop at?  is it the same number each time?

i tried to express that non-wisdom using the words
"This only works fine if we've few concurrent calls. There is no magic
borderline where it starts to refuse work."

this is surely not the best english, i admit. I just have no exact
"lower-bound" when it suddenly happens. My manual test-calls work only
in the beginning, once the loadgen is on for ~3min even the manual
test-calls do not work. Once it's locked up, it initiates calls
successfully (it rings) but (in my example) M doesn't ACK the answer
event it get's from A.

In my current setup with 100 call-legs i can repeatably make it
happen. Even better (for debugging), it does happen each time.

If someone is interested in the exact setup i can place a tarball
somewhere or - if someone could advise me with some gdb commands he
wants to have -  i'll recompile with debugging symbols and get you
what you want. I'm definitely stuck here.



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