[Freeswitch-users] New to Freeswitch - some help needed

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sat Aug 8 07:31:02 PDT 2009

Mark Campbell-Smith wrote:
> Hi Alan,
> I hope you find your answers here as these are the sort of things that
> are hard to find on the wiki, which is somewhat outdated in areas.  If
> you do find your answers, please post them back here for everyone
> else.
> I am new to FS also, so my comments below may not be 100% correct!
> 1. Very similar to what I want to have setup as well.  Do you have a
> static IP address at home.  If not, get a dyndns account and setup an
> entry there so that your friends/family can register using your dns
> name instead of ip address

Thanks for the idea - but I am way ahead on this.

My IP address is allocated by dhcp, but since my router stays switched 
on 24/7, and even powering it off for short periods doesn't change 
things. It has not changed for maybe a year.

So I own my own domain name (chandlerfamily.org.uk) and can point 
home.chandlerfamily.org.uk at my ip address. If it ever changes, I can 
go to my domain name provider and change my dns entry very easily.

You can in fact tell freeswitch to ignore the domain names used by the 
clients with the two parameters in the internal sip profile

     <!--all inbound reg will look in this domain for the users -->
     <param name="force-register-domain" value="$${domain}"/>
     <!--all inbound reg will stored in the db using this domain -->
     <param name="force-register-db-domain" value="$${domain}"/>

(This is from the new 1.0.4 version of freeswitch)

After a discussion on IRC I decided to set $${domain} to 
chandlerfamily.org.uk so theoretically all my phones have addresses 
extn-no at chandlerfamily.org.uk

And in the pap2t box I am using tell it to use chandlerfamily.org.uk as 
its "proxy" and home.chandlerfamily.org.uk as its "outgoing proxy" - for 
phones outside the NAT box.  Inside my home I use the internal name of 
the freeswitch box as the "outgoing proxy".

> 2. No idea.  Maybe try another stun server?

I still don't have any answers to this, but it doesn't appear to be 

> 3. Not sure if double-NAT is needed now with the newer builds of
> FreeSwitch.  Download the latest 1.0.4 to be on the safeside and
> compile it again!  (I have FS 1.0.4 pre9 and it works I think).  As
> long as your clients can register remotely you should be okay. I think
> FS can work around most home NATs.  Make sure you have auto-nat set in
> your internal.xml file (I think its this one)

I have 1.0.4 installed as of yesterday, and it appears to be working. 
My daughter still has to change the user id's inside her PAP2T box to 
numbers as I could not make the "number-alias" function work - so 
although the sip part appears to work, I have still to find out if the 
voice part does.

> 4. SIP is the signaling.  RTP is the payload, or voice in your case.
> Any transition is done via the SIP signaling.  This is how FS can
> transfer calls etc or use the media bypass mode by specifying the IP
> address where the RTP should be sent, which does not have to be the
> same as the signaling.  Make sure you enable tracing in the
> internal.xml file so you can debug the signaling.
> You don't need to take a laptop to your daughters to test this.  Use
> an internet sip phone like flaphone.com, which works through your web
> browser.  This will register with an external IP address exactly like
> your daughters and save you time traveling.  Note that sound isn't so
> clear for me using this service, but it helps with debugging.
> I also would recommend a sip client on windows like Zoiper, or
> CounterPath's X-Lite.. both are free.  X-Lite is well known, Zoiper
> allows for multiple SIP registrations and comes in a portable version.

I used zoiper before as an iax client - so I'll look again at this

Alan Chandler

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