[Freeswitch-users] Fwd: strange behaviour with scheduled jobs, uuid_transfer hangs up one of the legs if freeswitch is not in the media path, lua freeswitch.Session(uuid) tries to call out if channel references by uuid does not exist any longer

Benedikt Fraunhofer fraunhofer.lists.freeswitch-001 at traced.net
Sat Aug 8 04:53:05 PDT 2009

Hi Phillip,

2009/8/8 Phillip Jones <pjintheusa at gmail.com>:

> Not sure whether this helps but test this without set bypass_media. In
> my setup I have noticed the leg A session ends when bypass_media is
> true. Call/bridge continue successfully.

thx for that hint. unfortunately we can't do that due to the high
volume we anticipate
and i think i already tried that.

Note that it works in exactly this setup  (with the uuid_media()-call)
if there are only very few calls handled. It just starts to refuse
work once enough jobs are scheduled and not executed.


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