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demuel at thephinix.org demuel at thephinix.org
Fri Aug 7 21:04:44 PDT 2009

What a long detailed list of todos. You certainly can't find that kind of
answers in here.

> I apologize, as my first post to this list, that I ask a detailed set of
> questions, but I have spend some time looking at all the docs and can't
> get what I need to do completely sorted in my head.  I am definitely one
> who likes to UNDERSTAND what is happening rather than follow blank
> recipies, so please bear with me as I try understand all the details. I
> do understand about networking, NAT etc - but I am new to SIP/RTP and in
> particular what I think is a double NAT problem
> Firstly - what am I trying to achieve:
> I am in the UK and have a small home network behind a D-Link DIR-100
> Router/NAT/Firewall one of those machines, running Debian Lenny, acts as
> my main server for everything (and in an earlier incarnation was the
> firewall/router/nat box too - I only say this is because I had all this
> working using Asterisk a year or so ago, but with this important
> difference in configuration).  Many of the ports on the firewall are
> port forwarded to this machine. I have set Freeswitch up on this server
> to act as a small voip pbx for the home - but MORE IMPORTANTLY - to
> enable my daughter from her house to talk to us.  At my house locally I
> have a Linksys PAP2T two phone SIP box - and that is working with
> Freeswitch's default configuration (I set up to be 1000 and 1001 and
> used all the facilities).  I will later add a Linksys SPA 3102 -
> although I DO NOT intend to use its facility to bridge to the normal
> phone network.
> My daughter, living in another house, also has a Nat box (unknown - its
> part of her ADSL modem/router/wireless access point) and also has a
> PAP2T which she will connect to the her network.  This will be her phone.
> There is a family relation living in Australia who will load up a
> whatever softphone that we tell him to use.  I expect, but don't know,
> that he will behind a NAT box too.
> Later, I have some friends in the USA that I might wish to add it too -
> especially so that we can hold some teleconferences.  They will have a
> mixture of Windows and MACs, and I will need to recommend softphone
> clients for them.
> I want to set this up as a small private voice network, so anyone can
> ring anyone else.  I will add fancy facilities such as conferencing and
> voicemail later - I just want to get the basics working first.
> Secondly
> I installed a stun client on my home machine and ran it against
> stun.freeswitch.org.
> It reported:-
> Primary: Independent Mapping, Independent Filter, preserves ports, no
> hairpin
> But I have no idea what this means - I can't find any clear statement
> via googling for it - how this set of answers maps to the different
> types of NAT that might be required to get this to all work.  CAN
> Thirdly
> I have set up a sip profile called "double nat" from the recipe in the
> wiki.  This defines the SIP port to be 5090.
> However, what I DO NOT UNDERSTAND is how the PAP2T box in my daughters
> house will initiate a connection to my server.  Presumably, I have to
> port forward 5090 from the nat box to my server.  IS THAT CORRECT?
> I also assume I will have to tell her to use STUN (I believe this is an
> option on the PAP2T)
> Fourthly
> If I understand SIP correctly, it just initiates the session and the two
> end points then communicate directly via RTP.  What I don't understand
> is how does a session transition from SIP to RTP via the connection set
> up in the the first phase (in terms of passing through the NAT boxes).
> In particular WHICH OF THE TEST RESULTS from my stun client indicate it
> will do the right thing.  (I am going to take a laptop to my daughters
> house with a stun client in to test her network this weekend).
> Could someone explain please.
>   Fifthly
> Is there a recommended SIP softphone with all the right facilities (STUN
> support?)  that works on MAC and WINDOWS (I only use linux myself).
> Apologies for the length of this.  I am eager to get the answers so I
> can use an opportunity this weekend to get it working.
> --
> Alan Chandler
> http://www.chandlerfamily.org.uk
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