[Freeswitch-users] Fwd: strange behaviour with scheduled jobs, uuid_transfer hangs up one of the legs if freeswitch is not in the media path, lua freeswitch.Session(uuid) tries to call out if channel references by uuid does not exist any longer

Benedikt Fraunhofer fraunhofer.lists.freeswitch-001 at traced.net
Thu Aug 6 13:28:19 PDT 2009

Hello List, Hello *,

First of all the usual excuses: sorry for the bad english and the long
email, no native speaker and i really tried to make it shorter, but i
guess this would result in even more "check back"s than it already
does :)

we're currently running in a weird "lockup"-scenario in our loadtests.

Our setup is the following:

three freeswitch servers, let's call them A(-leg), M(aster), and
B(-leg) with the goal in mind to initiate calls on M which calls A,
play some file, bridge to B, limit call length and play (different)
prompts to A and B if they exceed that limit.

(Note that A and B work fine, regardless of the amount of load we put on them)
A and B are silly dialplan logic, accepting calls on a certain
extension after a random delay and playing moh. Before calling
playback to a localstream they call a lua script which schedules
hangup somewhere in future (which works flawlessly)

Calls are initiated on M using some hacked up loadgen-script issuing
http requests like
  originate [sofiaSyntaxToExtensionOn_A] 6000
. The 6000 extension on M has the following (xml) dialplan which
essentially does the following:
...playback file...
...set some callerid stuff
set bypass_media
bridge to extension 6009 on B
we use "execute_on_answer" on the b-leg to run a script which limits
the length of the call (doesn't matter if it's done via "export
nolocal" or "inlined" into the data part of the bridge application
"{execute_on_answer=lua ...}")

<action application="export" data="nolocal:execute_on_answer=lua
lua/schedule-hangup.lua ${uuid}" />

the lua script "schedula-hangup.lua" does essentially the following:

api = freeswitch.API();
local res = api:execute("sched_api", "+10 none lua
lua/c2c-hangup-timeout.lua " .. argv[1]);

the 10 seconds are just to speed up the time until it gets stuck.

this is where things start to go wrong. if I comment out the call to
the "schedule-hangup" script, everything works fine, even if it's
under heavy load.

c2c-hangup-timeout.lua does the following:
local sess = argv[1];
   freeswitch.consoleLog("INFO", "c2c-hangup-timeout.lua for uuid "
.. sess .. "\n");

   api = freeswitch.API();
   local stillValid = api:execute("uuid_getvar", sess .. "
   if(stillValid:sub(1,4) == "-ERR")
       log("session uuid " .. sess .. " disappeared (nothing bad)");
       -- this is important!!! Otherwise the aleg get's just hung up!
       api:execute("uuid_media", sess);
       api:execute("uuid_transfer", sess .. " -both timeout");
else -- /if(sess)
   log("called with nil session?");
end -- /if(sess)


i guess this needs some explanation:
we get the uuid of the channel as argument in argv[1]. We don't use
  local session = freeswitch.Session(uuid);
since if the channel referenced by "uuid" does not exist any longer,
freeswitch (or the lua bindings) try to interpret the uuid as an
"originate string" and can't figure out how to call that. So we use a
dummy api call to get some channel variable. If the channel does not
exist any longer (A or B already hung up), we get an error message
starting with "-ERR", otherwise the channel still exists (we get
"_unset_" as the value, if it's not set) and we continue by getting
freeswitch back in the media path (uuid_media) and then transferring
both legs to an extension called "timeout" which plays some prompt and
finally calls hangup().

If we don't do the uuid_media call, one of the legs gets hung up when
we transfer them to the extension. This looks like the following on
the console after issuing "uuid_transfer [uuid] -both timeout"
(extensions are not the same as in our loadgen example above)

2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [NOTICE] switch_ivr.c:1334 Hangup (*)
sofia/internal/1000 [CS_HIBERNATE] [BLIND_TRANSFER]
2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [NOTICE] switch_ivr.c:1349 Transfer
sofia/internal/1004 at to XML[timeout at default]
2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [INFO] mod_dialplan_xml.c:310 Processing
BFR1004->timeout in context default
API CALL [uuid_transfer(73812082-77b1-11de-b9f8-a10bb0eb9f69 -both
timeout)] output:

2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [NOTICE] switch_ivr.c:1349 Transfer (**)
sofia/internal/1000 to XML[timeout at default]
2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1084 Session
60 (sofia/internal/1000) Ended
2009-07-23 19:57:19.865703 [NOTICE] switch_core_session.c:1086 Close
Channel sofia/internal/1000 [CS_DESTROY]

note that it first does Hangup (denoted by *, no that's not an
asterisk :) on extension 1000 and then tries to Transfer (**) the hung
up channel to the dial plan. this could be the same as in an earlier
post to the list "SIP re-invite / bypass_media // Phillip Jones //
Wed, 01 Jul 2009 13:30:53 -0700)"

This is why we do not directly call sched_transfer() but call a script
in between to do the uuid_media() call. I couldn't figure out how to
call that directly from the xml dialplan and/or how to check if the
channel still exists.

so... after using uuid_media(), both legs are transferred without an
(intermediate|bogus) hangup() call.

This only works fine if we've few concurrent calls. There is no magic
borderline where it starts to refuse work.

Some of the Symptoms are: traffic decreased to zero as no new channels
are successfully brought up, some of the signaling traffic is not
ACKed or OKed, scheduled jobs are not run.

if i read the output of "show channels" correctly, they're all stuck
in different applications like hangup(), some are calling lua but most
of them are in signaling_bridge(). Freeswitch is still responding on
the console and there's almost no load on the machine (no busy polling
or some other kind of running amok).

if i kill one of them using uuid_kill() or kill all of them
using"fsctl hupall" i get "Task was executed late by 866 seconds 12379
sched_api_function (none)" messages and the usual cleanup takes place.
As a quick hack i tried to schedule a uuid_kill() call 20 seconds
after the scheduling call to the lua script but that job is not
executed either.

So what am I doing wrong? Is it some deadlock where uuid_media() and
uuid_transfer()  are waiting for the other to finish?
Or some other silly simple thing i missed?

Thx in advance


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