[Freeswitch-users] Configuring Sangoma U100

Merul Patel merul at mac.com
Mon Aug 3 01:12:54 PDT 2009

>> I'm new to FS, and experimenting with it on a constrained  
>> environment (PCEngines ALIX board running Voyage Linux 0.62).
>> So far, FS has compiled fine, and I can register multiple  
>> softphones and make calls between them, but I'm lost at how to  
>> configure a Sangoma U100 so I can make and receive calls over an  
>> analogue line.
>> I've installed the wanpipe drivers (3.5.4) from Sangoma, and the  
>> wanrouter utility detects the USB device, and I've compiled it to  
>> support the TDM API.
>> FS was compiled with the Openzap module - as best as I can tell.
>> I thought that I would be able to use the wancfg_tdmapi utility to  
>> configure the /etc/wanpipe/wanpipe1.conf and then use the generated  
>> configuration file as the basis for configuring autoload_configs/ 
>> openzap.conf.xml.
> try wancfg_fs

Thanks for the suggestion Michael, but the same result occurs as when  
I try wancfg_tdmapi, ie:

"No Sangoma voice compatible cards found/configured"

>> However, the wancfg utility doesn't generate the wanpipe1.conf, and  
>> I'm stumped.
>> Any pointers would be much appreciated.

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