[Freeswitch-users] Linksys/Cisco SPA400 (ATA 4 Line FXO) Now Documented in Wiki

Karl Vesterling kjv at ken-ton.com
Sat Nov 29 12:08:01 PST 2008


I've just taken the time to document the Sipura, err, Linksys, errr  
Cisco SPA400 4 line FXO Analog Telephone Adapter in the Wiki.


If anyone uses these ATA's and has questions about it let me know and  
I'll see if I can answer them in the Wiki.

Of course, if you know something about it that I haven't documented,  
by all means, document it in the Wiki. ;-)

MikeJ seems to think that I'm overlooking something pertaining to the  
registration of the SPA400 without a password. Evidently this pertains  
to accepting blind auth, but I'd need to know more about that before  
knowing how to piece it in.

Best Regards,
Karl J. Vesterling
kjv at ken-ton.com
202-448-3009 x0

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