[Freeswitch-users] Troubles with FreeSWITCH and Sangoma A104

Evgeniy Zolotov zolotov at altron.ua
Thu Nov 20 07:12:36 PST 2008


  We have successfully configured A-104 + WANPIPE-3.3.14 +
FreeSWITCH( over mod_openzap) under CentOS 5.2.

   But we cann't unite SVwanpipe-i386-5.10.pkg + SVzaptel-i386-5.10.pkg
+ FreeSWITCH( over mod_openzap ) under Solaris 5.10
  Does it possible?????
  Do we need any other packages for SunOS?


This problem is expressed that FreeSWITCH's function
tdmv_api_open_span(), which makes open() for path /dev/wptdms%dc%d,
  where %d - is a span & chun,
returns "failure configuring device".

  Under CentOS 5.2 it works perfect, but under Solaris 5.10 in doesn't

  Does it means, that FreeSWITCH or Sangoma's equipment cann't work
under Solaris 5.10?

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