[Freeswitch-users] Behavior of deflect

Andy Spitzer woof at nortel.com
Wed Nov 19 09:57:01 PST 2008


When using "deflect" on an inbound answered call, I notice that the FS channel 
stays connected as long as the original call exists, and does not send a BYE to 
the original call even after receiving a NOTFIY with a final response fragment.

In addition, while FS gets those NOTIFY's, I haven't found a way to report
those as events on the socket.  The result is, after a deflect, either the
controlling application has to wait for the original phone to hangup (which
could be a long time, blocking a channel), or it has to hangup immediately, 
which seems to confuse some devices as the REFER and implied subscription are
still outstanding.

Is there a way to get FS to report the results of the REFER to the socket,
and/or have it automatically send BYE once the final results are in?



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