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Cesar Cepeda cesar at auronix.com
Tue Nov 18 08:05:18 PST 2008

Hi Baskar,


I'm not sure why you get the "-ERR no reply" answer since that answer is
never given by the function itself.


Nevertheless the uuid_send_dtmf function sends the dtmf_data TO the uuid you
enter, for what you want to achieve you need to "simulate" that the channel
that is eavesdropping presses the dtmf digits, instead of receiving them.


I've just uploaded a patch to jira MODAPP-168 which modifies uuid_send_dtmf
function to receive a third parameter, so that the new syntax is
"uuid_send_dtmf <uuid> <dtmf_data> [to|from|both]" that allows you to decide
if the dtmf data is sent "to" or "from" the uuid channel.


For example to achieve a three-party call after eavesdropping you would need
to call:


uuid_send_dtmf <eavesdropping_uuid> 3 from




Cesar Cepeda.


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i have tried it before itself first i pass one digit

api uuid_send_dtmf c08f77be-fbed-44c3-a2a7-8650d88b0e33 2

Content-Type: api/response
Content-Length: 14

-ERR no reply

Then i passed all the values in the barging

api uuid_send_dtmf baf82956-111d-4cd8-9568-47010ac8bd20 2130*

Content-Type: api/response
Content-Length: 14

-ERR no reply

Here i get only the beep sound for each values and error message as a output

Thanks for the reply and correct me where i am work

Thanks in advance.
Warm Regards,

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