[Freeswitch-users] Unstable att_xfer

x y fs_ask_sy at citromail.hu
Tue Nov 18 06:03:19 PST 2008


I have tested several times so far the att_xfer function of the freeswitch, and I've found it unstable. I'm
using a similar code to the example at the freeswitch wiki, and sometimes a call isnt transfered.
The att_xfer works fine in the cases as I figured out from the log, when the switch_ivr_bridge comes
back with a "ending bridge by request from read function" message. When it comes back with a 
"request from write function", the two channels dont get bridged together: they cant hear each other 
form the other side, and they dont even realize that the other hangs up.
I have pasted some logs about this a week ago into paste bin, but if you wish, I could paste new logs
with the newest fs.
Could it has something with silence, because I think there are more failures when I dont talk into
the phones?
Im using latest fs, and sip phones without built in transfer.


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