[Freeswitch-users] E-mail as user id and bridging

Jan Kubr jan.kubr at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 14:13:39 PST 2008

> El Domingo, 16 de Noviembre de 2008, Jan Kubr escribi?:
>> Basically I want the user to use his e-mail to login with her SIP
>> phone. This works fine when the user id is james at yahoo.com (in a
>> domain that is the IP of the FS box), but then it is not possible to
>> bridge a call that user.
> An username part if a SIP or MAILTO URI can't contain @ symbol, it's illegal
> as it's, in fact, the separator of the userpart and domain part.
> What you can do is escaping "@" in hexadecimal before creating the SIP URI (I
> don't know the code for "@", but "a" == "%61"), so:
>  sip:alice at domain.com == sip:%lice at domain.com

OK I see now. I didn't realize I'm using a SIP URI here (since I'm
only calling the user "locally") whose userinfo part can't contain the
at-sign (as found here:
The escaping doesn't do quite what I wanted, but thanks a lot for the effort.

I'll stick to what I'm doing now which is that I replace the at-sign
with a dot and take that as a username.
Sorry for the newbie question and thanks all for the answers.


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