[Freeswitch-users] Compile error and possible solution

Gonzalo Servat gservat at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 22:46:41 PST 2008


I just tried doing a make current (I was on 10231 and updated to 10416) and
mod_python failed to compile. I can't remember exactly what the error msg
was as it's beyond what my terminal's scroll buffer is configured to store
but it was something along the lines of "cc1 will treat all warnings as
errors" and then an error msg similar to:

switch_core.h:1686:function declaration isn't a prototype

This happened while building mod_python. I think it was mod_python.c which
includes "switch.h", and in switch.h line 103 it includes switch_core.h, and
in switch_core.h line 1686 I see this line:

SWITCH_DECLARE(void) switch_cond_next();

Apparently if switch_cond_next() takes no parameters, 'void' goes in there.
After some googling, in C/C++ if you put nothing in the parentheses it means
it takes an unlimited number of arguments while void means none. Why would
it complain if that's the case?

I had a look at the switch_code_next() function definition in
switch_time.c() and it looks like its not supposed to take any arguments so
I put 'void' inside the parentheses in line 1686 of switch_core.h and it
builds fine now.

Is this the correct fix?
- Gonzalo (znoG #freeswitch)
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