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Thu Nov 13 08:39:20 PST 2008

Thx for the advices. 
Unfortunately, using transfer with hold wont work for me. For example, with a sip phone, wich dont have built in support for transfer.
The whole situaion is that I'm using softphone, wich has a client freeswitch running in the background, and there is another freeswitch on the server, witch is responsible for the main part. I would like to process the att_xfer procedure in the client freeswitch, then just send the numbers to the server's dialplan, and let to the server's freeswitch decide what to do with it. 
I tried the regular transfer, and it worked fine. With att_xfer, the problem is that the client's freeswitch doesnt know where will be the call transfered, it just knows the dialnumber of it. Thats why I have tried to use loopback with att_xfer. 
Is there another way to that?
Would it worth to create a similar att_xfer application, wich accepts dialnumbers like transfer? I checked the source both of transfer and att_xfer, hoping they are similar, but they werent for the first look, and I dont really know how much work would it cost.

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