[Freeswitch-users] javascript access to conf/directory/default

John Wehle john at feith.com
Wed Nov 12 16:49:52 PST 2008

I've written a javascript program which allows a caller to lookup an
extension by entering the person's name using DTMF.  Currently the
list of name people / extensions is hardcoded.

How do I iterate through conf/directory/default from javascript in order
to dynamically build a table containing everyone's effective_caller_id_name
and effective_caller_id_number instead of hardcoding it?  Does FreeSWITCH
load this into a registry of some type at startup and if so how do I access
the registry from javascript?

Likewise is there an easy way from javascript to determine the voicemail
path (currently it is also hardcoded)?  I use it in order to play the
recorded_name (if present) for an extension when doing the lookup.

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