[Freeswitch-users] Optimal server hardware and software setup (freeswitch, php & mysql)?

Dennis odermann at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 12 09:50:41 PST 2008


i am about to set up servers for freeswitch with php and mysql. i
would like to ask, what the optimal setup would be.

planned software:

- freeswitch
- php-script as socket server (socket outbound)
- mysql (for call-logfiles and dialplan-selection)
- ubuntu server 64bit

planned hardware:

=> 2 servers for web, the php socket server script and mysql
- each with 2 xenon quad cores, 16 gb ram

=> 3 servers for freeswitch
- each with 1 xenon quad core, 4 or 8 gb ram

one of the web-server could smoke off and the other server jumps in.
two freeswitch server could smoke off and the last can handle all
calls. or one of the freeswitch server could be taken out of the row
to test new versions. for me it is important, that everything is very
redundant, because i want to avoid trouble with clients.

the big questions are:

1.) is this hardware setup ok?

2.) where are the weak spots, when using an app like freeswitch (or
something similar)?
we would prefer, if each of the three freeswitch servers could stand
to have its own php socket server to be run and to have a copy of the
mysql database to READ the needed information. this is because the web
server or other servers could fail, while each freeswitch server can
go on handling call independantly.
but, would this setup cause any problems in case of stability or speech quality?
i have no idea, what task i should keep away from the application servers.


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