[Freeswitch-users] att_xfer+loopback

x y fs_ask_sy at citromail.hu
Wed Nov 12 02:38:48 PST 2008


I see, I have no luck on this att_xfer with loopback channel. So, if it's not possible, is there another way to do the trick? I would like to use att_xfer just like transfer, i mean feed a phone number as a param to it, not a channel url. I tought using loopback channel will do it, but couldn't make it so far.
If anybody interested, I could send a log from a failed att_xfer. I would really appreciate any help on this matter.
Btw, would it be difficult to modify the att_xfer function to accept dialnumber as a param instead of channel url? I don't have any idea about this, so just asking.


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