[Freeswitch-users] mod_python sqlalchemy core dumps ( .)

Traun Leyden tleyden at branchcut.com
Wed Nov 12 00:23:36 PST 2008

I've used Django/psycopg + mod_python successfully in production and it
never crashes.  (never tried sqlalchemy).

One thing you could try is to remove the hangup hook.  That has been
problematic in the past and not well tested AFAIK.  I doubt that's the
problem but you never know.

Also please load the core dump in gdb and post a backtrace.. maybe that will
reveal something interesting.  (or maybe it won't).  Actually you might want
to put it in a jira bug in case it becomes an involved debugging process.

> I've spent hours hunting through related lists: mod_python (for
> apache), sqlalchemy, etc. but all to no avail.  Any suggestions or
> alternatives ( I've also started looking into outbound event socket,
> but there still seems to be few people using this with python/twisted
> ) will be greatly appreciated.

Yeah an outbound event socket framework in python would be really cool.
Ideally you could write a script in the same style as mod_python scripts,
and the framework behind it would handle all the communication with the
switch.  Kamealia might be a bettter networking library than Twisted for
this one.

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