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Tue Nov 11 23:30:22 PST 2008


*Just i want to call the 1002==>9841799874 and i want to call another no
9840544078 and add in to the conference room  *

*First method i tried :*

api originate sofia/internal/1002% &bridge(sofia/default/
9841799874 at ====>1002 call 9841799874

api uuid_transfer 04120c08-19e7-4881-8873-0834a11524ff -both 3001  ====>Both
caller and extension will be transfer into conference room

Then i call the another caller

api originate sofia/internal/1002% &bridge(sofia/default/
9840544078 at> 1002 call another caller 9840544078

api uuid_transfer c564f668-6778-4e78-85f6-a78c9c67cfa4 -bleg 3001
====>Transfer only the caller 9840544078 to conference room 3001

while calling the second no 9840544078 the first line get hold

after the transfer of bleg they all come in to the conference room but the
first line caller is in hold so we cant able to unhold the call through api
we have to manually go the soft phone and unhold the call .

but i need the unhold should be done in api  what is the solution .

*i have tried in another method also *

api originate sofia/internal/1002% &bridge(sofia/default/
9841799874 at>1002 call 9841799874

api uuid_transfer 04120c08-19e7-4881-8873-0834a11524ff -both 3001
====>Transfer only the caller 9841799874 to conference room 3001

api uuid_kill 04120c08-19e7-4881-8873-0834a11524ff

before i hangup  i have transfer both the caller in to conference room so
when i hangup the extension why my extension got hangup

Can any one suggest me how can i try the conference are else correct where i
am wrong.

Warm Regards,
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