[Freeswitch-users] Recommendations on ATA's for WinXP and motherboard.

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 Thanks you Dave!

Posters are responding with their choices so I'll have a few sources and prices to choose from. 
Maybe a nice list will form for others to see what's available.



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Hi Mark,

Mike, just a follow up
on my last email. 


I took you to mean that TDM = ATA but do you mean that FS does not
support Digium TDM card? No problem.


I see people talking about using Linksys SPA3102, Grandstream
Handytone ATA-488, etc.



I've a Grandstream 486 which I've used for testing with no problems at
all.? I'd expect any ATA to work fine, +/- some possible tweaking if
there's NAT happening somewhere between the ATA and FreeSWITCH. 


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