[Freeswitch-users] att_xfer+loopback

x y fs_ask_sy at citromail.hu
Fri Nov 7 06:32:40 PST 2008

Because I just wantet to try that the att_xfer is working with user channel. The 668 and 669 perfixes are only made to be assured about that my extensions will be processed instead of the default config's, and because of that, I could transfer the call to any dialable number in the config later on. The usage of the user channel wont help me in this matter, cos its very similar to the original sofia method in the att_xfer example on freeswitch wiki. Basicly, i just want to know that there is any option to use loopback channel in att_xfer.

Why aren't you prefixing the $1 with 668 in the first example?

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