[Freeswitch-users] Scaling Question

Eric Liedtke e at musinghalfwit.org
Mon Nov 3 14:46:24 PST 2008


I'm working on a server in an SBC setup. It has a copper 10/100 for
admin and 2 GiGe connections for private/public peering(SIP signaling
and media). I've been testing with some traffic and am finding I hit a
ceiling around 800-900 active calls. The system CPU ends up being about
40% which seemed really high to me. Is this simply due to the amount of
networking happening with the rtp in and out the different interfaces or am I
operating something in a non optimized fasion ?

It's an e1000 based card, I've tried messing around with the interrupt
throttling but in the end the dynamic setting seemed to work best. Given
that a chassis has done 3k simultaneous calls with about half the
processing power I currently have in this server I must be running sub

Any idea's of where I might look to correct this ? kernel tuning ?
network tuning ? Other than seeing a lot of irq's from the network cards
I"m not sure what else might be using up the system cpu. 

To squeeze out as much as possible I have the core databases housed in a
tmpfs partiion, and I've also disabled the sql scoreboard (-nosql). Any
other areas I should  be exploring to increase the number of calls this
chassis can process ?

Thanks in advance for any ideas


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