[Freeswitch-users] Initial build -> SIP not registering [RESOLVED]

C. Mylonas (Mr VoIP) chris at mrvoip.com.au
Mon Feb 18 07:26:31 PST 2008

After dropping out of the IRC channel I thought my 403 - Forbidden was
possibly a NAT issue, so I unhooked my modem.
Turns out:
 Firstly:  I had the wrong password (must be cos it was after midnight)
 Secondly:  With the correct password, it was looping (i had sip_trace set
to on).  I changed the port number in x-lite (softphone used for testing) to
5070 and then it was no dramas - it worked.

Thanks to the people on #freenode for helping me out on my first steps to
mass scalability!

Chris - (zirtron)
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