[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH in production

Michael Collins mcollins at fcnetwork.com
Wed Feb 13 13:31:31 PST 2008


Join IRC (irc.freenode.net/freeswitch) and look for a user named "SwK" -
he's making 2.5 million calls per day with hundreds of cps.  He can give
you a good first-hand report on how well FS works in a high traffic


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> > Hi Claudio,
> >
> >> in my view fs seems a very promising project, especially if it will
> >> scale better than asterisk, but it still seems very young.
> >> I would like to understand if someone is actually using fs in
> >> production configurations. I don't think so as I've seen an email
> >> announcing release candidate 1 some time ago.
> >
> > We're running Freeswitch in production, and I'm aware of a number of
> > companies that have deployed it in very large configurations (many
> > having replaced existing Asterisk installations).
> Can you give me an order of magnitude of the number of pure voip calls
> without transcoding?
> Something like 10 000 concurrent calls?
> I already love the idea of a freeswitch cluster. :-)
> > I imagine your view of it being a "very young" project is based on
> > documentation currently available. I think Freeswitch requires more
> > than a passing familiarity with telephony, and doesn't give you
> > as much hand-holding as Asterisk at present.
> Documentation was not the reason of my view (I don't consider asterisk
> doc particularly good anyway).
> My view was mainly because of the first release still approaching
> (Freeswitch Release Candidate 1), being a slackware linux lover I got
> used to stability concerns.
> However I understand that freeswitch at the moment could be more
> than asterisk despite the release number (some people restart asterisk
> on production environments over time, just in case ;-).
> Thanks!
> Claudio
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