[Freeswitch-users] FreeSWITCH in production

Jay Fenton jay.fenton at howlertech.com
Wed Feb 13 07:41:03 PST 2008

Hi Claudio,

> in my view fs seems a very promising project, especially if it will
> scale better than asterisk, but it still seems very young.
> I would like to understand if someone is actually using fs in  
> production
> configurations. I don't think so as I've seen an email announcing
> release candidate 1 some time ago.

We're running Freeswitch in production, and I'm aware of a number of
companies that have deployed it in very large configurations (many
having replaced existing Asterisk installations).

I imagine your view of it being a "very young" project is based on the
documentation currently available. I think Freeswitch requires more
than a passing familiarity with telephony, and doesn't give you quite
as much hand-holding as Asterisk at present.

Thus, despite being an overall more stable and scalable platform (IMHO,
and of those who've used it!), the initial reaction tends to be one
of caution :)

This is obviously changing as more and more people join the community,
and you're more than welcome to help out with the effort!


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