[Freeswitch-users] Bridging

Robert Clayton rjcajax at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 09:52:59 PDT 2008


I am attempting to allow a single line (1005) to be called which
simultaneously allows multiple threads (lines 1006 and 1007) to apply
simultaneous IVR.
I would thing such grouping is common.

 Using the below it appears that line 1005 will not bridge to 1006 and 1007
since they are in the dialplan but not registered.
Yet 1006 and 1007 can be called directly without being registered.
Can this bridge be accomplished without them being registered?
If such bridging is not allowed in the dialplan is there a better way?

The two errors FS errors are:
[ERR] switch_ivr_originate.c:951 switch_ivr_originate() Cannot create
outgoing channel of type [sofia] cause: [USER_NOT_REGISTERED

<extension name="1005">
        <condition field="destination_number" expression="^1005$">

            <action application="bridge" data="sofia/internal/1006%,sofia/internal/1007%"/>

    <extension name="1006">
        <condition field="destination_number" expression="^1006$">
            <action application="answer"/>
            <action application="sleep" data="1000"/>
            <action application="ivr" data="demo_ivr"/>

    <extension name="1007">
        <condition field="destination_number" expression="^1007$">
            <action application="answer"/>
            <action application="sleep" data="1000"/>
            <action application="ivr" data="demo_ivr"/>

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