[Freeswitch-users] multiple sip domains

Tamas Cseke cstomi.levlist at gmail.com
Wed Aug 27 02:09:42 PDT 2008


I have a problem with multiple domains.

[WARNING] sofia_reg.c:1251 sofia_reg_parse_auth() can't find user 
[cstomi at]
You must define a domain called '' in your directory and add 
a user with the id="cstomi" attribute
and you must configure your device to use the proper domain in it's 
authentication credentials.
[DEBUG] sofia_reg.c:705 sofia_reg_handle_register() send challange for 
[10 at]

I have multiple domains in the directory, and put the user under the 
proper domain.

   <domain name="test">
         <user id="cstomi">
                     <param name="password" value="cstomi"/>

But I can't configure the client device (another FS) to use this domain 
in INVITEs, REGISTER is fine.
I saw the to domain is used in the realm of the challange, what  
determine the  domain in the directory, isn't it?

my gateway settings:

          <gateway name="test">
             <param name="realm" value="test"/>
             <param name="username" value="cstomi"/>
             <param name="password" value="cstomi"/>
             <param name="extension" value="inbound"/>
             <param name="proxy" value=""/>
             <param name="expire-seconds" value="600"/>

REGISTER: It seems the to host is made from the realm...I'm not sure.. 
So it works, I don't get the WARNING above.
but in INVITE the to host is seems to be the "proxy". I guess if I could 
change the to host, authorization would work...How could I do this?

Thanks any help,

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