[Freeswitch-users] Ending recordFile with a touchtone in Python

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I don't know if this will work but if you could try it that would be
helpful for documentation purposes.  First, here's the link for the wiki
page on the record app:



It references that you can set the playback_terminators channel variable
to the digits you'd like to have break the recording/playback.  The
dialplan syntax is:

<application="set" data="playback_terminators=#"/>


I don't know the Python syntax for setting a chan var off the top of my
head.  If I understand this correctly you'll want to set the variable
right before the record app, or at least after the channel is


Let us know how that goes!






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I sent this email this morning but it didn't seem to make it through, so
I'm sending it again. My appologies if it eventually becomes a


Hello. In the modLua documentation (pasted below),  it suggests in the
comment that recordings using recordFile may be ended by pressing the #
key. For Python, the documentation for the API points to modLua, but the
touch-tone barge-in doesn't seem to be working for me. And I can't
figure out a simple way to accomplish this. Any advice?


syntax is session:recordFile(file_name, max_len, silence_threshold,


session:recordFile("/tmp/blah.wav", 30000, 10, 10);  -- pressing # ends
the recording

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