[Freeswitch-users] XML CDR not posting to webserver

kokoska rokoska kokoska.rokoska at post.cz
Tue Aug 19 05:24:41 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I try to use mod_xml_cdr for posting CDR records to my web server but
without luck. The situation is as follows:

1. I utilize mod_xml_curl to serve configuration, directory and dialplan
to the FreeSWITCH - it works very well.

2. On the same web server I prepare cdr.php file to work with CDR
(normalize, insert to DB etc.)

3. When I test mentioned file from www browser (localy or remotly),
everything works fine.

4. When I fire the call, after it ends I see:

[ERR] mod_xml_cdr.c:184 my_on_hangup() Got error [0] posting to web
server []

and the CDR is saved to the HDD

5. If I check apache logs (access|error|request|whatever) I can't see
any request sent to cdr.php

I load mod_xml_cdr in post_load_modules.conf and the config is:

<configuration name="xml_cdr.conf" description="XML CDR CURL logger">
  <param name="url" value=""/>
  <param name="retries" value="2"/>
  <param name="delay" value="5"/>
  <param name="log-dir" value=""/>
  <param name="log-b-leg" value="true"/>
  <param name="ignore-cacert-check" value="true" />

I'm sure I miss something important, but don't know what :-)
Any suggestion is very welcome...

Best regards,


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