[Freeswitch-users] Documentation suggestion

Felix Rabinovich Felix at Rabinovich.org
Sat Aug 16 15:28:59 PDT 2008

I signed up to this list when the discussion was already ongoing, so I 
can't reply-to the existing messages. But this is in response to Michael 
Collins' comments about documentation plans.

I am very technical (developer / system administrator), but I am fairly 
new to telephony, and I am trying to set up a PBX at home, and then set 
up similar PBX at my wife's small business. What I am missing most, is 
"use case" documentation beyond Installation and getting started.

Installation and Getting started are quite good. There are some updates 
that contradict previous information, but I got the system up and 
running in a few hours. Two inbound providers, two outbound.

Now I have some other use cases that I want to implement. For example,

* how to set-up IVR
* how to check voicemails with passcode or the system recognizes 
caller-id and doesn't require passcode
* for certain incoming caller-ids ("important client") forward the call 
to predefined number ("cell phone")
* how to load custom music-on-hold

Obviously, this is just an example. I am sure other people have 
different use cases. I don't have PSTN line at home and only one 
ATA/extension that is connected to the server. I tried softphone / 2nd 
extension just to make sure that everything works, but it is not a 
priority for me. For others, transferring a call from one extension to 
another might be the most important thing. In my wife's office there 
will be a fax line (probably PSTN that will serve as fallback / 
emergency line)

I know that all these scenarios are very trivial to set up. But I can't 
find any guides that would show me how to do this.


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