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Craig Guy craig.a.guy at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 00:31:21 PDT 2008



First, have been lurking for about a week and I feel Freeswitch is a great
project, coming from a non-programmer background and heavy familiarity with
Asterisk and Callweaver it's a bit of a learning curve to come to grips with
the XML but I'm slowly getting there J


I'm currently doing some interop testing with Freeswitch and the provider
has come back to me stating that they require the Contact header to exhibit:


a)      e.164 format

b)      The From, RPID and Contact headers to match


Try as I might I am seemingly unable to set the user portion of the Contact
header for the outbound leg to the termination provider.  The contact is
always mod_sofia@<ip:port>.  I have found the sip-force-contact setting
however it seems to have no effect on the contact header (and I might be
using it incorrectly in any case).  The ideal behaviour for me is for the
contact to take the form of callerid@<ip:port>


For example if my sip profile is bound to and my handset
callerid is +13035555555 I would like to set the contact to
sip:+13035555555 at


Is there an ability within Freeswitch to set the Contact header based on




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