[Freeswitch-users] Installation: good, but some issues

David Baggett freeswitch at baggett.org
Tue Aug 12 18:00:38 PDT 2008

I used an SVN checkout from a few days ago -- Friday, I think.

Thanks for the tip on the set_openzap_user app -- that's very cool.

Despite my comment about the directory, In general I'm actually 
impressed with your foresight -- it's clear you've done a lot of the 
right things in abstracting away from the original Asterisk model. 
Should be a great platform for future ideas.


Anthony Minessale wrote:
> I had no problem with FXS to x-lite, do you have the latest SVN trunk or 
> one of the tarballs? We may have fixed some issues if you have an older 
> release.
> We have an application you can use in the dialplan called set_user
> for example put this as the very first extension in the dialplan
> <extension name="set_openzap_user" continue="true">
>   <condition field="source" expression="mod_openzap"/>
>     <action application="set_user" data="${caller_id_number}@$${domain}"/>
>   </condition>
> </extension>
> if you put that in an extension at the top of your dialplan just for 
> calls from openzap then you
> will make that call assume the settings of the user in the directory 
> with an id that matches the caller id num set in openzap then fall 
> through to the rest of the dialplan.
> most things you *think* are not possible are just not forced into place =D
> as for astribank, I have heard there are a few issues with them and I do 
> not have one to test them.  The guy who supports them is around on IRC 
> but he tends to favor the AST that's why he calls them ASTribank so we 
> can try to work with him if he's willing.

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