[Freeswitch-users] Performance bottleneck

UV uv at talknet.com.au
Tue Aug 12 00:58:09 PDT 2008

I’m trying to determine the FS resource bottleneck when operating under load
(in windows environment), but can’t get the FS to load for some unseen


FS environment (a weak PC on purpose):

CPU 2x Intel Pentium 4 3GHz 


Chipset - Intel E7221 (Copper River) chipset ICH6R + FWH + BCM5721 

LAN 1x Broadcom Giga LAN 

Windows 2003 Server – Service pack 2

FS version 9235

Running Release build on highest priority


Load script:

A different machine running sipP

Running rtp_echo load, 50 cps, limit of 1000 calls, 30sec call duration,
extension 9996 (echo test):

sipp -rtp_echo -r 50 -l 1000 -d 30000 -s 9996 -sf auc.xml -mp 25000 -i -mi



Test ran for 9.5 hours

Total of 48828 calls - all successful

No timeouts, retransmissions or unexpected messages.

Peak was 1003 calls after 4563 seconds (actual 0.2 cps)

Total of 1448750 RTP packets

Average response time: 11min 21 seconds

CPU usage 8% ~ 21%. Average 11%.

Memory usage:

Started with 26,000KB RAM, 27,660KB VM, 25 threads

Peak at 136,000KB RAM,,367,004KB VM, 1024 threads

Ended with 88,220KB RAM, 141,684KB VM, 24 threads

Disk usage wasn’t monitored.


My question is what is slowing the response time so much but keeps the CPU
running low?



Following Patrick Grondin’s post from 17-Jul-08, I intentionally didn’t
change the default dialplan as I’m trying to load up the CPU.

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