[Freeswitch-users] AppGen or GUI tool for FS ?

Marek Gorecki marek at telesave.pl
Mon Aug 11 17:17:04 PDT 2008

Hi FS community,
I remember, that GUI issue, and actually many other FS control access
issues are of high priority, and seems there is something what
might/should help:

It is not straitforward since it was made with Asterisk in mind, but I
believe  it shouldn't be big issue to port it to FS too.
I just trust in Anthony The Second persuasion and influence to convince
Adhearsion authors/creators to make it also FS compatible - if not
directly, then maybe they can open some API or other method of
integration, and FS community directly, or via bounties, will bring it to

Its the first thought, before reading any further about Adhearsion.

What are other opinions ?


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