[Freeswitch-users] T.38 pass-through

Michael Jerrie mike at jerris.com
Fri Aug 8 15:11:54 PDT 2008

This should work fine, just as well ad bypass_media except it can also  
handle nat.  What exactly is not working?  Is it failing on the t38  
reinvite or negotiaoton or is that part working fine but the fax  
machine is still not syncing up or is a fax starting then failing part  
way through?


On Aug 8, 2008, at 4:48 PM, Tamas <jalsot at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to make T.38 SIP working:
> PSTN-->Cantata IMG-->FS--->CW
> Unfortunately this does not work. I've set both the late negotiation  
> and
> proxy_media.
> When I leave out FS from the chain, the fax receipt works well, also
> when I set bypass_media in FS, it works too, so something might be  
> wrong
> with the proxy mode.
> Cantata and FS box are on the same switch so this is not a network
> issue. No NAT involved in the whole scenario.
> Could anybody give an advice?
> Thanks in advance,
>    Tamas
> ps:
> FreeSwitch Version 1.0.trunk (9233M)
> Linux mt-sw1 2.6.18-12-fza-amd64 #1 SMP Sun May 18 09:57:08 UTC 2008
> x86_64 GNU/Linux
> Debian Lenny
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