[Freeswitch-users] Documentation suggestion

Robert Smith robert.m.t.smith at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 7 01:21:19 PDT 2008

Michael Collins wrote:
> Your input is appreciated.  At this point I don't have anything to offer 
> as far as the getting started in telephony.  One thing I can do is 
> recommend the chapter 7 of the Asterisk book: Asterisk - The Future of 
> Telephony.  I had the privilege of speaking with one of the authors just 
> a few minutes ago here at Cluecon.  (Jim Van Meggelen.)  He's an old PBX 
> guy so he knows PSTN very well.  You can download the PDF of the newest 
> edition of the "TFOT" book here:
> http://asteriskdocs.org/

Yes I managed to pick this up shortly after installing asterisk. Another 
volume for the to-do list...

> To the community in general: If you have books/links/resources that 
> help(ed) you with telecom/datacom then please post them here in this 
> thread.  From there we can organize a page or pages on the wiki that 
> will index the relevant topics.  As usual, ideas are welcomed from the 
> community.

Your enthusiasm is certainly appreciated but remember that gathering 
links and texts is only half the story - structure and navigation will 
be key.

I actually think the maintainer(s) of voip-info.org should be involved 
here too. People searching Google et al will click onto that site and 
from there will at this point in time often only see references to the 
asterisk way. Naturally that site will contain information about the 
market leader but some abstraction of technology versus implementation 
would be nice...


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