[Freeswitch-users] Grandstream GXP 2000

Patrick freeswitch-list at puzzled.xs4all.nl
Tue Aug 5 05:07:40 PDT 2008

Faraz R. Khan wrote:
> Only if you want them to hate you :)
> My experience has been that you can give GS to people who need the 
> functionality but hardly use their phones- like executives. 

It's my experience that executives in Europe tend to have better or more 
high-end phones than the rest.

> Operators/call centre agents/support people etc you might wanna hand a 
> MUCH better phone. Polycom/Aastra are excellent choices. I've also had 
> much success using Cisco 7911G Global Spares with SIP firmware.

Imho Cisco is not an option. Their SIP firmware seems a 2nd class 
citizen as afaik Cisco primarily makes money selling CCM with SCCP 
phones. Silly things like the Supported header containing "(" and ")" 
characters in 8.3.5 SIP firmware is just an example why I avoid Cisco. 
And what about having to buy a SmartNet contract just so you can 
download new firmware that (hopefully) fixes bugs (and doesn't have new 
bugs). Think about it: paying for bug fixes.

> The Linksys SPA922/942 are also amazing phones. All these phones are 
> about the same price as the GXP-2000.

Afaik the Linksys phones don't support BLF (iirc the extender does). 
Since they are part of Cisco I won't go that route either.

> Its sad because the customer will blame Asterisk/Freeswitch for the 
> phone hanging, distorted voice, random hangups, one way sound, etc when 
> its ALL GS fault.

Then don't sell your customer GS phones...


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