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Not to mention the fact that all these Russian developers have to split
their time between Mera and all of the hacking that have to do to keep
the botnets up and running... :P




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Oh! And something else, Mera says they have 1000+ developers... well the
Opensource community have MILLIONS!

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 5:19 PM, David Villasmil
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I would never BUY a Mera, I have lots of experience with Mera, and
although the system is not bad at all, IMHO it is way too expensive
given all the OpenSource projects out there. AFAIK, FS can hold at least
300+ simultaneous calls. But even if there wasn't a FS, there's Openser
and there's Asterisk. With OpenSer and FS or Asterisk you can easily
create something stable, scalable and programmable for any needs you
might have in the future, something you (at least in principle) don't
have with Mera. With OpenSer+FS or Openser+Asterisk you can do ANY
amount of calls you want, its just a matter of having the time to create
all the extras you need, like billing (but CDRTool is out there) and

And you can donate a small percentage of whatever you were planning to
spend on the Mera to the FS/OpenSER/Asterisk projects.


Just a thought!

Have fun integrating them!


On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 11:22 PM, Jair Santos <jairds at shaw.ca> wrote:

	Hello ,


	I would like to share with you the email below that I exchanged
with the representative of Mera Systems. I was about to evaluate their
product  when I stumbled with FS. He, of course, is trying to say that
FS is not able to support more than 300 simultaneous calls and that I
should buy their product.


	Anyway, the intention is only to ask for some comments from the
guys who really know how FS behave in a production environment.


	Thank you


	Jair Santos




	 Hi Jair, 


	We have over 1000 high-end developers on staff in Russia, we
write software for Nortel (Meridian PBXes), Siemens, Alcatel, Ericsson,
etc. Why would we use Asterisk as a core for our systems? Some of our
products can deliver Call Per Second rates up to 1000, I guess about 50
times more than Asterisk :)))


	Might be that someone telling this to you mixed us with
PortaOne, a Ukrainian developer. They, indeed, use Asterisk and SER in
their products, like most other companies selling "their" switching


	In any case, as a start-up the path you are taling is
reasonable, but I really doubt you will stay on Freeswitch once you hit
300 calls in peak. Or - you will need to run lots of unbinded servers
with separate IPs, each supporting some 300 calls.







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	What we've  heard is that it is much better than Asterisk which
I guess is the base of your system. 


	The information from the FS home page.



	*	Tested under load for over 100 hours 
	*	10,000,000+ calls 
	*	At rates exceeding 50 CPS 

	Performance will vary depending on application. You will need to
test for your particular situation. 

	Retrieved from "http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Specsheet"


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