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Larry Edelstein ribs at acm.org
Mon Apr 28 20:11:59 PDT 2008

Hi all -

I installed Freeswitch a few weeks ago and was never quite able to connect
to it via Gizmo or IPKall.  I can't seem to configure the directory
correctly and get my Gizmo phone to register; my IPKall phone doesn't seem
to get anywhere either.  I'm a little fuzzy on the exact error messages I
got, and before I go run my head into that wall again I figured I'd post for

I'm pretty sure that the software failed to find the user...extension...in
the FS directory.  So I couldn't register the...phone.  Or something.  I'm
new to SIP.

My main goal is to enable some dial-in and dial-out services from POTS and
wireless phones, but getting SIP phones to work would be a start.  Although
I'm a hugely experienced software guy, I haven't worked with SIP or
telephony before.  So I am playing catchup.

If someone could give me some tips on which files I need to modify to
support this scenario, that would be great:

- I have an IPKall number, and when I call it, I get to a Freeswitch
- I have a Gizmo phone, and when I call it, I get to a Freeswitch service.
- I can call out from Freeswitch to a SIP phone.
- (lower priority) I can call out from Freeswitch to any phone.


Larry Edelstein
Now Answers LLC
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