[Freeswitch-users] Problems with initial setup - basic nat

Jay Reeder jreeder at voicenation.com
Fri Apr 25 09:22:07 PDT 2008

Thanks!  :-)  


I did have auth-calls set to false in nat.xml but it wasn't working.  Is
there some other place I should have set this?


What's the difference/application/use of the sample "public" context versus
the "default" one?  The sample nat.xml uses the public context.







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You could have just turned auth-calls to false and context to default and
accomplished the same thing  ;)




On Apr 25, 2008, at 10:55 AM, Jay Reeder wrote:

Sorry to bug you guys.  I figured it out.


In case anyone else is just learning to crawl with freeswitch.


I enabled the following in the sip_profiles to get around the authorization
errors (for now):


    <!--  comment the next line and uncomment one or both of the other 2
lines for call authentication -->

    <param name="accept-blind-reg" value="true"/>


    <!-- accept any authentication without actually checking (not a good
feature for most people) -->

    <param name="accept-blind-auth" value="true"/>


Then I started receiving a 404 route not found so I modified the public
dialplan with the following:


    <extension name="public_call">

      <condition field="destination_number" expression="^(.*)$">

        <action application="bridge" data="sofia/gateway/gafachi/$1"/>




Then I wasnt getting 2-way audio so I changed the sip profile for nat (which
Im using internally) and set the ext-sip-ip and the ext-rtp-ip to the same
value as the rtp-ip and the sip-ip (since Im only using for internal nat
through firewall to sip provider):


<!--    <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="$${external_rtp_ip}"/> -->

<!--    <param name="ext-sip-ip" value="$${external_sip_ip}"/> -->

    <param name="ext-rtp-ip" value="$${local_ip_v4}"/>

    <param name="ext-sip-ip" value="$${local_ip_v4}"/>



And now I have calls routed by sipx to freeswitch and through the firewall
to our internet sip provider.  Obviously the current configuration isnt
secure but its enough to get things going.






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Were setting up a SipXecs server in-house to manage about 20-30 polycom sip
phones.  We have an Audiocodes Mediant 2000 to use as a gateway but for
testing I was also trying to setup sip in/out dialing through the firewall.
Ive wanted a reason to start playing with freeswitch so I thought this would
be an excellent opportunity to use freeswitch for the Nat traversal.


Ive been through the wiki and reviewed list archives but Im missing


I have RC3 on Centos (initially a trixswitch load but then upgraded to the
new RC3) with the standard config files.  I did remove the older ones and
re-installed the samples.


This is a pretty basic install with a gafachi gateway setup for the outbound
sip profile, and the firewalls external ip setup for the external_rtp and
external_sip values (in vars.xml), and the firewall port forwards all
recommended ports(from wiki getting started page) into freeswitch.


This is where Im stuck.  I have sipx attempting to send calls to Freeswitch
on port 5070 (for nat) but Freeswitch wont accept the call and is logging:


2008-04-24 16:20:26 [DEBUG] sofia.c:219 sofia_event_callback() event
[nua_i_state] status [407][Proxy Authentication Required] session: n/a


The nat sip_profile is setup per default to answer port 5070 and
authentication (per default) is disabled. 


Im sure its something obvious but what am I missing?





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