[Freeswitch-users] SRTP in PhonerLite and Freeswitch

Krzysiek cris7 at o2.pl
Thu Apr 24 08:22:26 PDT 2008

> The a=encryption:optional tag is a Microsoft extension held over(Snom has
> removed it in recent beta builds I have).  We do not support it and will not.  
> Grandstream uses RTP/SAVP, Snom will be doing RTP/SAVP in 7.1.33 (in beta), 
> Polycom does the dual m= line for RTP/SAVP and RTP/AVP.  Offering crypto in an 
> RTP/AVP is wrong please refer to RFC3711 where it clearly states "The RTP 
> specification establishes a registry of profile names for use by higher-level 
> control protocols, such as the Session Description Protocol (SDP), to refer to 
> transport methods. This profile registers the name "RTP/SAVP"."

I understand. It is clear for me.

> Chris,Heiko and I have had a few exchanges in email...
> He's a verynice guy very preceptive to the changes required to support 
> this properly.  He said he'll be trying out the two m-linemethod soon.

Great news :) 

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